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Mane Hariharalaya

Begin your journey with stories to inspire you to sleep like a King and let your imagination run wild. Discover the home of Gods, uncover adventures, and learn about Hariharalaya.

Inspired by history and culture, Mane Hariharalaya – or “The home of gods Harihara” – set within 70,000 square meters surrounds with old trees, lakes and rice paddies – is a 5-star resort that beautifully captures the Khmer Traditional Houses while offering every modern luxury, echoing the ancient city of the Khmer Empire near the ruins of royal temples of Bakong, Preah Ko and Lolei (Latin ~ Hariharalaya, ខ្មែរ ~ ហរិហរាល័យ).

Mane (pronounced as Mané) – a Cambodian mother of four who takes care of her family based on Khmer custom and culture, and who started the hotel as a legacy to her children.

The name “Hariharalaya” is derived from the name of Harihara, a Hindu deity prominent in pre-Angkorian Cambodia. The name “Harihara” in turn is a composite of “Hari” (The Hindu god Vishnu) and “Hara” (The Hindu god Shiva). Alaya is a sanskrit word meaning “basis,” or “home,” so Hariharalaya is home of gods Harihara or the home of the deity representing both Hari (Vishnu) and Hara (Shiva).

Rolous Temples (Bakong, Preah Ko and Lolei), Booyong Country Club and Makro supermarket are just 07 minutes drive from Mane Hariharalaya, while Angkor Wat and Downtown are 17 minutes drive away. Siem Reap – Angkor International Airport and Floating Village are just 27 minutes drive from the property.