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Terms & Conditions

Mane Hariharalaya personnel agree not to physically, sexually or emotionally abuse or neglect a child or youth and agree to comply with the policies for general conduct with children and youth as defined in the Child Protection Policy.

Our personnel agree to do their best to prevent abuse and neglect among children and youth involved in hotel activities and services.

All Mane Hariharalaya acknowledge their obligation and responsibility to protect children and youth and agree to report known or suspected abuse of children or youth to appropriate hotel manager and state authorities in accordance with the policies.

Our hotel personnel understand that the hotel and spa will not tolerate abuse of children and youth and agree to comply in spirit and in action with this position.

In the event that Mane Hariharalaya personnel observe any inappropriate behaviors or possible policy violations with children or youth, the personnel agree to immediately report their observations.

Mane Hariharalaya duly respects the privacy of our guests, and we are committed to protecting this right. To best serve you throughout this website, you will be asked to provide a variety of information, such as name, mailing address, telephone number, email address, credit card information, etc. This information will allow us to provide a personalized experience for each visitor and to facilitate queries and bookings. This information is used for billing purposes and to reserve a room. If there is a problem with reservation, the information provided will also allow us to contact you.

This website does not collect, save or store any personal information from visitors that simply browse this website, unless voluntarily and intentionally provided to us.

Mane Hariharalaya considers guest comfort and safety as our highest and utmost priority. To this effect, we would like to highlight a few measures that are in place as an integral part of our hotel operations:

Mane Hariharalaya establishment of our curator awareness programme that commits our team as part of the “security team” and are responsible for looking after your safety and security.

The hotel is equipped with closed circuit television and recording technology (CCTV) at key areas, which are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to heighten security measures.

Dedicated Fire/Life/Safety measures appointed in the property to maintain our fire/life/safety systems.

Team participation in security workshops to ensure they are thoroughly trained to deal with emergencies of all types.

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