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Phare Performance
Besides cultural performance, in Siem Reap offers most authentic, unique, top-rated evening entertainment. Mane Hariharalaya is glad to arrange ticket for guests to visit local but internationally acclaimed circus that tell unique Cambodian stories using theater, dance, acrobatics, contortion, juggling and other modern circus arts by high energy music played on modern and traditional Cambodian instruments. It is beyond entertainment show because it has a social mission to provide gainful employment to Cambodian youth from difficult social and economic backgrounds. See further

Smile of Angkor
Siem Reap has plenty to offer for night activities. Among theses is one of the performances that evoke life in the majestic city of Angkor at the time of a founding king, Suryavarman II. Through the show, audiences vividly travel through a journey from foundation to the prosperity of Angkor. The performance contains traditional Cambodian dances such as Apsara Dance, Peacock Dance, Shiva Dane, Bokator (traditional Khmer martial art). See further*Mane Hariharalaya is not responsible for the content of external links stated here.

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