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After exploring the magnificent temples of Angkor, save your energy for some more sights and sounds to experience to complete your journey to the kingdom. Mane Hariharalaya can fully customize a trip to these other attractions at your own preference!

Angkor Silk Farm
It is situated in Tortea Village, Knoberiel Commune, Siem Reap. The silkworm breeding and silk center has the English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish guides to guide visitors to visit the farm. The silk farm is not the only one silk farm, but it is more special at here, and the uniqueness is that the whole process uses the traditional manual method to produce, including sericulture, spinning, dyeing and weaving. Traditional dyeing process uses the natural dye, and the unexpected thing is that one of the elements to produce the black color is the iron nail. There are café and store at here, various silk cloth and general cargo are available here.

Golf Clubs
There are a number of internationally accredited golf resorts located in Siem Reap. The golf resorts are located between 10 minutes to 10km away from the Siem Reao city center. The golf resorts in Siem Reap have hosted golf competition events such as Asia PGA Tour event Johnnie Walker Cambodian Open, Faldo Series, etc.
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Pub Street
In Siem Reap, after returning from the temple tours in the evening, many tourists are taken to the Pub Street to take advantage of the happy hour deals or a good meal. The street is so named because it is lined end to end on both sides by pubs, restaurants and shops. The street is closed to traffic in the evening; allowing pedestrians to stroll about freely. The street comes alive when the bars crank up the music and join the restaurants to spill their seats out onto the curbs. On this street, one can find bars and restaurants serving drinks and food of almost all culture and flavors. Here too are a few fine galleries for the discerning to enjoy.

Angkor Night Market
Like the one in Phnom Penh, the Angkor Night Market is also designed to give visitors a secure and enjoyable shopping and dining experience in a vibrant, contemporary Khmer environment.

Both these night markets offer a wide variety of stalls offering a diverse range of goods and services. A ‘must visit’ when in the vicinity.

Angkor Zoo
The Angkor Zoo, Siem Reap is located off a dirt road on the way to Angkor. It is located just past the ticket gates off of Charles De Gaulle Blvd. This is a fairly small zoo that houses a great variety of birds and reptiles. There are over 100 species of animals and birds in this zoo. One of the main highlights of this zoo are the bears and the cheetahs. The Angkor Zoo is situated 5 km from Provincial Town and takes around 10 minutes to reach to the location.

Crocodile Farm
It is located in Wat Sway Village, Sway Dongkum commune, Siem Reap, opening time is from 7:00 to 9:00, and entrance fee is 3 USD. The farm is run by government in order to raise the crocodiles captured in the Tonle Sab Lake. In the peak period, it is said that there are nearly 1000 crocodiles in the small farm; later, because of the financial problem, some of the crocodiles are resold to the crocodile skin dealer, leading to the decrease of the crocodile number at the present. However, there are still many crocodiles. There is a place for buying feed, even live chickens and ducks can be bought at here to fee the crocodile, but it is a little bit cruel.

Phnom Krom Hilltop Temple
This is the big hill that you see near the landing if you head to Siem Reap by bullet boat. The hilltop area provides magnificent panoramic views of the Great Lake Tonle Sap, the surrounding countryside and Siem Reap town. The commanding view of the lake was used for a more practical, albeit more deadly, purpose in the fairly recent past as evidenced by a big gun mounted on the side of the hill and pointing toward the landing part of the Great Lake.

A modern-era active temple shares the hilltop with the temple ruins of Phnom Krom. Thee are seven crumbling towers among the ruins in two lines, with four towers east and three towers a bit higher up nearby and west.

Visiting temples and other cultural sites are not the only thing visitor can opt when they are in city of Siem Reap. Visitors who seek extreme fun and excitement may want to experience zipline in Cambodian rainforest, with the opportunity to see gibbon most days. Booking can be made at Mane Hariharalaya. See further:

Balloon and Helicopter Tours
Want to see Siem Reap from the sky? There is no lack of option for guests who want to take their journey to a higher experience. Stunning scenic helicopter flights encompass the Angkor Historical Park, many neighboring temples region, floating villages. For a bird’s eye view and unique memory to see the scope and complexity of one of the ancient world’s most powerful civilizations, try hot-air balloon. See further:

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